Wednesday, 18 December 2013

My wife has taken her sixth extramarital lover

Anna and JT fucked for three hours last night in her hotel room in London.

It's now 7.15am and I think they're probably at it again. Will know soon by text.

Am very tired after a super-tense evening and night waiting for updates, so will fill you in with more details later.



Tuesday, 17 December 2013

My wife's sixth extramarital lover is an imminent reality

Just had a call from Anna.

She was in her hotel room, getting ready for JT to arrive at her door.

She said that they had kissed pretty much continuously for the 30 minute taxi ride from the restaurant to their hotel.

I asked her if she was wet between the lips... she duly put her fingers down her knickers and confirmed that she was very wet indeed.

She told me that she was definitely going to get laid, that he is a lovely guy, that she is so grateful to me for letting her play alone, and that she loves me very much.

At that moment I heard her phone ping... and she told me that he was on his way to her door.

I asked her to try and update me before midnight.

She told me again that she loves me, and that she'd try to update me by midnight, but that if she didn't it just means that it's going well!

She's on fire tonight.

More news as soon as I have it...


There's going to be action soon

Text exchange starting at 7.55pm:

Anna: "Just finishing dinner. All looking good here ;-) x"

Me: "Will there be sex? x"

Anna: "Possibly..."

Anna: ";-) x"

Me: "Please keep me informed. Am insanely excited. x"

A new chapter starts today (probably)

Anna's in London town right now, with the new guy we'll call JT.

They both had reasons to be in London for business today, but the real reason for their visits to the big city was tonight, not the meetings in daylight.

Over the past couple of weeks there's been a lot of online banter by email, and from early last week Anna was finding that she was waking every morning with a sopping wet pussy and fired up for fucking.

But... not with me.

For some time we've been discussing the power and control elements of hotwifing as a relationship lifestyle. Anna is not the dominant, cuckolding style of hotwife that many hotwife followers admire. Sorry to those of you with an interest in the cucky end of the spectrum!

She has always been extremely sensitive to my feelings throughout our long hotwifing journey that started in 2007. Sometimes, I've even had to push her harder than I'd ideally like to when it comes to seeking out new lovers, or fully exercising her sexual freedom.

Recently I've been very open with her about my desire to see her stretch her wings in every way, including the delicious psychological elements of her relationship with me. I've been quite frank about my fascination with the idea of her taking more of a lead, and even of her deliberately seeking to dominate me more in our hotwifing play.

She's shown reluctance to head down that road, until the past few days. Early last week I told her that I was going to deliberately deprive her of my cock until after she'd seen JT tonight. She was initially disappointed because of her perpetual state of semi-arousal in anticipation of a new lover. Then, she started to enjoy the idea of being completely free of any man's sperm the first time she fucks JT, given that sperm apparently survive 5 days in the uterus.

By Sunday night, things had taken another interesting turn. We'd had friends with us for dinner, and by the time they left at 9.30pm, with the kids well settled in bed, I was keen to go back on my promise to keep her uterus deprived. But she had other ideas. In the bedroom, I started snuggling up to her, pressing a semi-erect bulge against her hip. "Sorry - not until Wednesday night." she told me, a mischievous smile on her face. But she meant it.

No sex for me that night, and I eventually went to sleep with a rock hard boner borne of outright frustration.

On to last night, and the ceremony of the shaving of the pussy. This is always a significant moment that happens before every one of her liaisons. Even all these years down the line with Jerry, I always dutifully prepare her pussy for him before each of their meetings.

Last night, we made lots of time for an extended shaving session so that I could make sure of a super smooth result for her new man.

After at least 30 minutes of detailed attention to her mound, lips and bum, she was breathing quite deeply and I detected an opportunity. As she lay back with her eyes closed, enjoying the love and attention of her doting husband, I climbed on top and positioned my already hard cock right at her entrance. "I'm going to fill you with my cum. I can't help it."

With one firm but gentle movement she rolled me back off her body so I was lying on my back. "Oh no you don't. I want to stay perfectly clean for JT."

She sat up and eyed me, her face borderline stern.

"Are you serious?" I asked her, slightly taken aback by this more assertive hotwife.

"Yes. It was your idea, and it's a good one. I don't want your sperm until after I've had his."

Then she started stroking my twitching cock.

"This is getting harder," she observed. She was right, and I couldn't help it.

"I'm going to suck it, but I'm not swallowing your cum."

And that's exactly what she did next. The most awesome deepthroat blow job, and her perfectly tuned senses told her exactly when to pull away and wank me until I came all over my stomach.

So it's now over a week since my seminal hormones entered my wife. I don't think I've ever seen her as motivated for a new lover as I saw her this morning before she left for the railway station. Maybe it's down to the hormone deprivation... who knows.

As I write this, she's been with JT for a little over an hour.

I'll give you updates as I have them!


Tuesday, 10 December 2013

The new man - date in the diary

Here it is... the next big step forward in Anna's hotwifing adventure.

They have a date in the diary for Tuesday next week - a night in a hotel in London.

The recent online chat exchanges have been getting hotter and hotter, culminating in a brief planned face to face meeting in a public place last week. The idea was just to check that the chemistry was also there in person. It was.

Anna is absolutely certain that there will be explosive sex next week.

Neither of us can wait... one week and counting.

Friday, 22 November 2013

At last... a new man on the radar

A hotwife needs to be restless, right? She needs to be inquisitive, voracious, hard to satisfy.

Yeah, I think so too.

If there's one main reason why I've not blogged so much these past few months, it's because Anna's world has been much more akin to a polyamory arrangement, with me as her everyday partner and Jerry as her boyfriend. They've been very settled, having held down a sexual relationship for almost six and a half years. When things are as settled as that, there's not much to write about in a blog called "Hotwifing Exposed."

For some months, we've been moving towards an inevitable change, as Jerry prepares to move his life permanently to his base in the Mediterranean, where he has a home, family roots and business opportunities.

What he doesn't have out there is Anna, and he's been honest about the fact that he's delayed the big move to be able to extend his relationship with Anna in the UK. He has no other girlfriend or lover, and has found his relationship with Anna to be perfect at a time when he's not wanting to commit to anything more serious.

But now there's a leaving date, and it's in January. He'll be going out there permanently, only returning to the UK from time to time to visit family and to progress his remaining business interests.

He still wants to see Anna whenever he comes back, and he's promised to pay for her to go out and visit him at his Med home. We'll see. Anna's convinced Jerry will quickly find a new girlfriend when he's out there, and that Anna will then fall off his radar. I think she might be right...

So Anna's been looking ahead to life without Jerry, by spending a bit of time on her favourite online dating sites.

A few weeks ago she had a very speculative coffee in a neighbouring town with a guy she met online. Speculative, because she'd enjoyed their IM chats, but she was not convinced from the pics he provided that she'd fancy him. And she didn't. It all happened in a matter of a few days, so I didn't trouble you with the story on here!

She's made contact with several others, with no meaningful progress until earlier this week, when she met James.

Her plan has been to find someone in London who she can see when she goes on one of her increasingly frequent overnight business trips. So London guys had been the main focus of her searches, until James popped up... in our own area. He even works in the same industry, but they didn't know each other beforehand. Married man, bored, looking for adventure.

James also goes to London on business regularly, and is keen to keep his adventures well away from home. So despite the fact that he and Anna live within 30 minutes' drive of one another, they have already agreed that they will not have any local meetings.

But... let's not get too far ahead of ourselves. They've not even had a first meeting yet. So far, it's been increasingly steamy emails and IM chats, an exchange of face pics, and Anna sending him a very subtle pic of her naked back... just to spice things up.

They are now looking for dates for a meeting in London, and both of them seem very fired up, judging by the tone of the messages. It will certainly happen before the end of the year, although who knows whether the online attraction will translate straight into physical action.

This is my restless, inquisitive hotwife at work again, and it makes me very happy.

It also gives me something to write about, and I'm hoping there there will be a lot more to say in the coming weeks.


PS This is the second James that Anna's played with so far since hotwifing began for her. He won't get his own page on this site until sex happens... at which point James and New James will get their own special names!

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Testing times...

It's been a long time, so my thanks to several loyal followers who have prompted me into an update with some emails.

And my apologies to everyone for the very long break in service! So long, that I am actually ashamed when I check the date of the last post I published.

So, why am I here tonight? Partly because of the quite justified email prodding by disappointed readers, and partly because I'm sitting here home alone whilst Anna parties in London. She's gone to a business cocktail party organised by one of her clients. 350 people - mostly suited guys - in a private bar. She's gone with a very open mind about what might happen, and after what happened on the night of my last post in February, I won't be surprised by anything!

On the other hand, it might turn out to be a bunch of stiffs (no pun intended) who are all rushing off to their wives and partners at 9pm.

So, a quick run-through of the past seven too many months.

Well, very little to write. The guy she met in February was very much a one night stand, and one she regrets. Small cock, very soft, too soft even to enter her. But the oral orgasms he gave her, evening and morning, were fun. Definitely not one to see again.

So that leaves... Jerry.

He's still around, but that relationship is struggling along, at least as far as Anna's concerned. They still have great sex, almost every time. Correction: He has great sex every time. Anna is a firecracker with a pussy that any man would fall in love with. He still can't get enough, even after 6 years. But his appetite for making her squeal and gasp has waned in recent months, and she wants more from her extramarital fucking than... marital fucking.

On that point, I want to address the question of whether this is still a hotwifing adventure, or something more like polyamory.

The answer is, "It depends on your point of view." Anna very much regards herself as a hotwife. Free to roam. So do I. I've never regarded her as anything else, despite the duration of her relationship with Jerry.

Jerry seems to regard her as his girlfriend, in the sense that he sees her a couple of times a week, they always fuck, they spend time chatting, they text almost every day (always initiated by him, and often about anything other than sex) and he evidently adores her.

He's definitely not one for labels, and I doubt he's even heard of "polyamory", but his behaviour is like that of the second man in a polyamorous threesome. He has had no "real" girlfriend since he met Anna, and his separation from his wife is now pretty formal. Anna seems to provide him with all the female attention he needs.

I'm very relaxed about the situation, as long as Anna is. We've often discussed her feelings for him. She says she feels love for him, and she's sure he does for her. The words have never been spoken, though. She says they don't need to be, because they express the sentiment physically every time they meet. She also says that he isn't the kind of guy to splash the "L" word around under any circumstances.

I feel no threat from Jerry. Things are well balanced.

So why is she still seeing the same man, despite the real fire having left her belly months ago?

Partly because we've had an incredibly busy year with personal, family and business stuff, and finding great new lovers takes time - a precious commodity for us.

Partly because she really doesn't want to upset Jerry with a brutal dismissal.

Partly because every so often, he absolutely wows her with an incredible session that reminds her of the early days.

Partly because she says that she now wouldn't feel herself without a second man in her life.

An interesting thing happened in the summer. We were away on holiday with friends, staying in a villa in Italy. On our last night, our friends volunteered to stay home and look after the kids while Anna and I went out for dinner and a drink. We had a great meal in a very traditional restaurant in the local village, and then went to the funkiest bar in town where they serve cocktails. Anna was looking hot, as usual, in a beautiful light summer dress, low cut to show her tanned cleavage. And no knickers, obviously.

The bar was packed, and a three-man acoustic jazz band was playing in the corner. We were sitting close to a group of local guys, one of whom kept exchanging smiles with Anna. I was aware of it, and quite happy that she was being admired. When I went to the bar for more drinks, he moved closer to her and they chatted. He complimented her boobs and touched her bum. (We were in Italy.) I came back. He moved away. She told me what had happened, and I asked her what she wanted to happen next. "I want to kiss him. He's sexy." We agreed that I'd head to the gents a little while later.

I'd had a few drinks, so my pee lasted a fair while, but not truly as long as I spent in that toilet! I wanted to allow time for Anna's admirer to notice that she was alone again.

I needn't have worried - she told me afterwards that he was at her side like a shot when he saw that I'd gone again. He asked her if she wanted a cigarette outside. She doesn't smoke, and we're still not sure whether he does, because after taking her hand and leading her out to the dark car park, he didn't produce any cigarettes. It was a very dark night - a new moon, with a beautiful starry sky over the village. Anna's man took her 100 yards away to a place where they couldn't be seen from the bar door. No words, just kissing, and him immediately caressing her boobs. She said that she could feel that she was immediately wet and ready for anything... and he clearly wanted all he could get. His hand descended quickly to her crotch and touched her exposed pussy through the thin fabric of her dress. As he started to pull her dress upwards for better access, she had second thoughts and gently pushed his hand away. He stopped kissing her. "Domani" (tomorrow) she lied in his ear. We were leaving the next day, and a pang of conscience had stopped her from taking things further with this guy. She'd "known" him less than an hour. Didn't know his name. Or anything else about him.

He pushed his erection against her in an attempt to change her mind, but she apologised and led him back to the bar, dropping his hand as they entered the doorway.

I'd put myself where I could watch the door like a hawk. She came in first, looking a bit dishevelled. She spotted me and headed towards me through the crowd. He came in behind her, looking as suave as when they'd left, and headed towards his friends. We left half an hour later, Anna gagging for sex. They smiled at each other as we left.

The next day, when Jerry sent Anna a text, she told him about her adventure the night before. She was testing him, and he was rattled. Lots of questions. "Did you touch his cock?" "Did he touch your pussy?" "Did you want to fuck him?" Later, he started texting me, clearly worried. I was surprised. Anna's primary lover, more jealous of her straying than her husband is. He acknowledged to me in a text that he had no right to deny her her adventure, but that he'd been surprised by how much it had affected him.

So... that left Anna with a very interesting set of circumstances to consider.

She is keen to meet new guys, and Jerry knows that. He asks her every time they meet whether she's seen anyone else. At first, it seemed to... stiffen his resolve, and they had some very energetic fucking in the wake of our Italian holiday. But that passed quickly.

So, back to tonight. I've heard nothing from Anna since 5pm, and I'm unlikely to hear anything more until 11ish. It's twenty past ten as I type this. So, dear patient readers, I'll update you later or tomorrow, whatever the news.